March 14, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
American Lutheran Church Room #101
NE 69138

Gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and some related grains has long been valued by consumers and bakers for the elastic, chewy properties it provides breads and other baked products.  Recently, gluten has rocketed to the top of nutrition and diet discussions.  “Gluten free” claims can be found on labels of hundreds of foods in grocery stores, and highlighted on menus of food restaurants.  Participants in the “Gluten and Your Gut’s Good Health” program will know what gluten is and its role in foods, distinguish common and lesser-known sources of gluten in the diet, identify potential health effects related to gluten in the diet, understand reasons behind current gluten-free diet trends and recognize skills needed and products available supporting gluten-free living.

The Family and Community Education (FCE) educational program lesson, “Gluten and Your Gut’s Good Health” will be provided by the Nebraska Extension and presented by Sue Pearman, UNL Extension Educator. The program is available to FCE club lesson leaders and community group representatives at these locations:

Gothenburg       Wednesday, March 14                   1:30 pm     American Lutheran Church, Room #101

Pre-register by calling the Dawson County Extension Office at 324-5501.  If no calls are received by March 12th, the training will be cancelled.  For more information, contact Andrea Nisley, University of Nebraska Extension Educator, Dawson County at 308-324-5501.